Housing Counseling

Neighborhood Housing Solutions is a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency, providing services to households across the state of Utah.

To date, we’ve met with over 1,500 families to help them reach their housing goals.

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Pre-Purchase Homebuyer

If your goal is to become a homeowner, we can help you in whatever stage of the home buying process you’re in.

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Work Towards Your Dream

If becoming a homeowner has been your dream, we will help you get there. We offer financial coaching and counseling on a 6-18 month basis to help you budget your money, reduce your debt, and improve your credit as you work towards qualifying for a home. When you’re ready, we’ll help you find the best home-buying options for you!

Meet the Requirements for your Loan

Sometimes, lenders require that you have a one-time meeting with a HUD-approved Housing Counseling agency as a condition of home loan approval. We provide this service for the FHA Back-to-Work home loan program and other loans with similar requirements.

Learn About Loans and Grants

If you are ready to look into buying a home for the first time, visit us for an educational session where we will teach you about the homebuying process and describe the different types home loans and first-time home-buyer grants that are available.

Mortgage Default & Foreclosure Intervention

Having problems with your mortgage? We provide a free and confidential counseling service to help you.

Know Your Options

When you fall behind on your house payments, it’s difficult to understand what your options are to fix your mortgage default status with your lender. We’ll teach you about repayment plans, modifications, short sales, and other options that you may be able to apply for.

Communication with Your Servicer

It can be frustrating and intimidating to talk with your mortgage company when you’re behind on your mortgage. We can get authorized to speak with them on your behalf, helping facilitate communication between borrower and lender.

Financial Stability

While we try to find a solution for you to either stay in your home or transition out, we’ll provide budget counseling to help you stay financially afloat.

Rental Housing

We help renters better their housing situation by counseling them on a variety of issues they might be facing.

Know Your Renter Rights

It’s important to know what your rights are as a renter in Utah, especially when disputes come up between you and your landlord. We’ll educate you on potential courses of action for your issue, and point you to further help if needed.

Find Affordable Housing

If you’re in Logan or Cache Valley and/or new to the area, or struggling to get an application accepted, we’ll help you find a place to rent.

For a list of low-income Affordable Rental Housing units in Cache County, click here.

Lease Review

We can review your income and expenses to help you form a budget and determine what an affordable rent payment would be for you.

Reverse Mortgage

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Reverse mortgage counseling is a requirement before you submit a loan application for a HECM reverse mortgage.

However, it’s valuable to speak with a reverse mortgage counselor, who has no interest in whether you get a reverse mortgage or not.

Loan Quote Review

If you’ve received a quote or loan estimates from a reverse mortgage loan officer, we’ll provide an objective review of the information and tell you what to watch for.

Project Scenarios

Together, we can project how your reverse mortgage loan balance will grow, and how much home equity you’ll have over time. We’ll also discuss how long your money can last if you draw out money from your HECM loan over time.

Discuss Consequences

Let’s discuss what the consequences of a reverse mortgage might be, and how you can plan to avoid the risks. What if you need to sell and move? What if your spouse passes away? What if you need to move into assisted living? Can your heirs keep your home equity after you’re gone?

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