Become a Homeowner

At Neighborhood Housing Solutions, we believe that homeownership remains a big part of the American dream.

We have a variety of programs and services aimed at helping people achieve their dream of becoming a homeowner- whether its your first home or not!

become a homeowner in logan utah


1. Build Your Own Home

The Owner/Builder program uses sweat equity to help make home ownership affordable. Qualifications are based on household size and income. Contact us to find out if you qualify!

2. Buy a Home in Logan

Use this down payment assistance program to purchase a home in Logan City!

3. Homeownership for Persons with Disabilities

This low interest rate, second mortgage makes home ownership more affordable for households with a family member with a disability.

4. Pre-Purchase Homebuyer Counseling

Get the financial counseling and coaching you need to make a plan to qualify for a home mortgage. We’ll help you lower debt, improve your credit score, and follow a spending and saving plan that will get you there, and teach you about all the mortgage loans and down payment assistance grants that are available to you.

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